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We are dedicated to making your decision to bring a Jack Russell into your home a happy experience that your whole family can enjoy for a very long time. We work very diligently to match the personality of the puppy to the personality of the family. For the entire life of your JRT we will be  here as a resource and support and  to answer any questions that you may have about your puppy. We will gladly put in writing our guarantee that any puppy you purchase from us will be in good health. Our pups are usually seen by a vet on the day they are born, again 3 to 5 days later, and will have visited the vet once, if not twice more, for their first annual exam, shots, worming and first flea treatment before they leave our home. We usually also microchip all our dogs.

We do ask that you verify the good health of your puppy within 3 - 5days after receiving your puppy. Should your puppy suffer from any health problem within 2 to 3 days after delivery, we will refund the purchase price or replace your puppy, upon certification by a veterinarian that the puppy was examined within 48 - 72 hours of delivery and suffers from a problem. 

It is my recommendation that new owners have a veterinarian in place before the puppy comes home. And have their puppies examined by their own veterinarian as soon as possible. This is a good opportunity to set up a continuing preventative health program and microchip and record your puppy's microchip number with them. It is the new owner's responsibility to obtain the one remaining vaccine, rabies vaccination after 6 months old, heartworm preventative, deworming, intestinal parasite check, flea preventative, etc. I cannot be held responsible for problems relating to new owner's lack of supervision, negligence or situations out of my control once they leave our home (such as trauma, theft, infectious diseases picked up along the way or any obesity related disease, etc.).

Our puppies are guaranteed for 14 days after purchase to be free of infectious diseases. After that amount of time, any illness would not have been obtained at our home or kennel. They are also warranteed for the lifetime of the dog against any hereditary or genetic diseases. We BAER and CERF all our breeding stock, vet do patella checks all new litters, and all our breeding stock as well. In addition our crew  has had or will have OFA hips checked by vet. We have submitted all our breeding stock's DNA to the genetic testing and tracking laboratories.   Our dogs are guaranteed to be free of any genetic defective trait that would limit the dog's ability to fullfill the purpose of a companion pet. Written proof of diagnosis by a licensed veterinarian and a telephone number to verify is required for any problems if ever found. Compensation to owners will vary depending on the situation but the option offered is replacement of the puppy with one of similar value. Buyers are responsible for shipping charges on any returned and/or replacement puppies.

As JRT's are a purebred strain and typically do not throw mirror images of themselves, no promise or guarantees can be made regarding exact adult height, coat type, or ear set. However it is expected that when we breed 10 generations of '12 inches and under 'or '10 inches and under' the result will be a dog of under the designated height. If we breed a taller or shorter dog then we are striving for the blend of conformation, breed standard for that type, working ability and a best blend of temperament and disposition. Our goal has always been to breed the best to the best and hope to improve the overall breed.  

I expect buyers to be reasonable in their expectations of our kennel. Every dog that has ever been born carries 3-5 unseen or unexpressed genetic diseases. All the careful planning in the world can't prevent or predict every problem that could occur. I will always want to know if there is a problem with one of my puppies so I can amend my breeding program accordingly to weed out even any potential problems. One time we did have a puppy with an uneven bite, his teeth were not level. As this will not disqualify a pup from registration, it is also not considered a defect. Again, it is seen infrequently in JRT's but it can happen during teething cycles. It is a growth pattern that developed for whatever reason. Other such things that may develop include change in height expectations, or coat type expectations, an uneven bite, or after the teething cycle one or both ears may stand up from time to time. These are not part of the pet guarantee. There is no breeder who can guarantee height, coat, bite, or ear type as these can change or show up in the adolescent stage.  

We do guarantee that your puppy will be free from genetic defects after delivery of your puppy if it would prevent a good quality of life for them. Should your puppy suffer from any such problem within the lifetime of the dog, we will replace your puppy upon certification by a veterinarian that the puppy was examined and suffers from such genetic problem.

We try to ensure that our Jack Russell Terrier puppies only go to the most appropriate homes. We like to question our prospective owners to see if their household is a good match for a JRT. We do like to  pre-qualify all of our owners. Each puppy is hand-raised and individually loved as part of our family. We want you to understand that this decision to make an Irish Russell puppy a part of your family is a long-term commitment. Russells can easily live to 17 or 20 years in some cases. They are not the right match for everyone. Do your research first.

If you have any questions about your puppy or Jack Russells, please give us a call. We would appreciate photos from time to time, to see how your puppy matures. If for any reason you are unable to keep your puppy in the future, please call us first. We always require a 'right of first refusal, or right of reclamation', in the purchase agreement. We will take the puppy back or help find him another home, if you think you are going to have to give your puppy away for whatever reason we will take him or her back, for the lifetime of the dog. Enjoy your new "member of the family!"


We are thrilled to be able to introduce and provide for you NuVet Plus supplements. Vitamins and a superb Immune System Support and Booster.

All natural, human grade ingredients, with minerals, amino acids, antioxidants and much more. Created in NuVet Labs in a human grade quality FDA laboratory, meeting the same strict guidelines as human pharmaceuticals. We are able to provide these at a greatly reduced discount. 







We have been so incredibly impressed with the results from NuVet Plus that we have included it in our written health guarantee.

It is all natural, has all the vitamins, minerals, short-medium-and-long chain amino acids and is truly an immune system booster.

To continue with this product is in our health guarantee, as it builds and strengthens the puppy's immune system for years and provides support for their gastro-intestinal system where most of the good bacteria live to fight off any bad foods or bad bacteria.

When you have a truly healthy, vital dog then they are not attractive to bugs, fleas, ticks or parasites. They're only attracted to dogs and pups who have weaker or compromised systems.


It is a bottle of 90 good-sized wafers, with one puppy a bottle will last you about a year. As a puppy who weighs less than 7 lbs. they will get a half of a wafer per day. I give a quarter of a wafer each day to the pups for a morning treat and an evening treat before bedtime.

Once the pup is over 7 lbs. they can have one whole wafer a day, a half in the morning and a half at bedtime.

It also comes in a powder form and we use it ourselves. I put it in our smoothies and I use it cooking for our family. Since its made in a FDA approved human grade quality facility, its safe for us as well as our pups and dogs. You cannot say that about many things these days.


What creates a immune system compromised puppy or dog you ask? Most often it is poor quality dog foods and treats. Please read the ingredients in your treats and in the dog foods you are using now.

**We have included CAVEAT # 1:  We discovered an incredibly effective natural supplement NuVet Plus, to boost immune systems and help keep them healthy against the environmental toxins in our environments. If you decide not to continue this supplement, this will affect the lifetime health guarantee. Dogs are genetically programmed to live to be 25 – 30 years old. Due to the many different kinds of dog foods that are not the best choices for dogs, and some large companies are more interested in selling more of the lesser quality dog food than caring about the health of your puppy. We cannot be responsible for poor quality treats, toys or foods that will effect the quality of life and perhaps shorten the life of your puppy.










 Noni puppies asleep under my chair.

What are Noni puppies you ask?

Well,Tahitian Noni Juice is an all natural product that has over 150 antioxidants that are unique to the Noni fruit itself. This fruit is only found in the French Polynesian Islands, discovered by the world explorers with Captain Cook. It is an ancient secret medicine plant the Polynesians have been using for 6,000 years. It has only recently been brought to the world.

The United States Army in World War II listed in the soldier's survival manual that if they found any Noni fruit to pack all that they could carry of this newly discovered food and health source.  Not only did it provide sustenance - it was found to be a natural source of a pain  killer. An important aspect when at war in a faraway country. When these men returned from war they became doctors and scientists and went back to study this phenomenal and mysterious fruit.

Tahitian Noni juice is the original and only safely manufactured product that has been researched and has continued to be studied for it's many benefits. Some of the things the antioxidants do:  strengthen the immune system, reduce any inflammation in the body, and reduces stress by reducing the cortisol levels in the body. It is an anti-inflammatory and acts like a COX2 inhibitor. It has anti-tumor properties with research to support this. It acts as a pain reliever and is 75% as effective as morphine sulfate. (This was the result from an independent study done at the University of Berlitz in Paris, France.) It is an all natural juice product so it is not habit forming. A small dose is all that is needed for maintaining a healthy body and mind. There is a human product of the juice as well as an equine and canine product, with a feline product to come in 2006. Many different products are made by the TNI company.

I wish to thank Kimberlee Beeson for introducing me to Dr. John Byrd, a veterinarian of  37 years who has spent a great deal of time researching the healing and health properties of the Noni Juice products. You can learn more  at, and at

I started taking the noni juice for my arthritis and other fatigue problems associated with general aging.  After two weeks I had no pain in my fingers, toes, other joints, etc. So I know it works because I was my first guinea pig. I have heard many testimonials from people across the country on how it has helped their horses recover from illnesses, such as West Nile virus which was thought to be deadly in horses. Dr. John Byrd has cured such horses and other bizarre illnesses such as European Grass Poisoning which is usually fatal. Horses have recovered from laminitis, ulceritis, etc. We have testimony from cancer patients taking it to extend their lives without being heavily medicated or on outrageously expensive medications.

We had two dogs get into a scuffle and one had some cuts and lacerations, we cleaned it with an iodine wash, then used some noni juice topically like aloe vera. In just three days the cuts and scratches were all healed. We also had one of our females present with a small growth on her back and it was growing progressively. We were going to have a biopsy done, but fed noni juice 1cc per pound and also applied it topically. In five days it was gone completely. So we have seen first hand how well this product works.

We have all started taking the "juice" and we have started our dogs and puppies on this remarkable product. It is the number one health and wellness product in the world and it is just coming to North America. There is much to learn, but in the meantime we are healthy and use noni juice to keep our families healthy. The people and our pets, both two-legged and four-legged. Call and ask for more information on this product and we'll be more than happy to share our information with everyone. Thank you and take care, Donna


TAHITIAN NONI� juice supports and benefits the body and works to repair at the cellular level from any illness, injury or the aging process.  It has been known as the 'Aspirin of the Ancients' for over 2,000 years used by the French Polynesians.


  • Strenghtens the Immune system's ability to fight disease and infection. 150 superior anti-oxidants that helps the body rid itself of harmful free radicals, increases energy level. Recover quicker and heal faster.
  • Pain killer, acts directly on the central nervous system to relieve pain. And it's all natural!
  • Supports Digestive system., so you absorb more nutrients at the cellular level.

Other benefits: Lowers blood pressure, lowers blood sugar, lowers cholesterol levels, naturally as it has anti-inflammatory and anti-tumor properties. Increased mental clarity, increased attention span and greater physical performance levels.  


Validated by research, backed by doctors, and multi-millions of testimonials.  100% all natural noni juice.


Donna Fitzpatrick at 803-648-3137 or email: Visit for more information and products.


Independent Tahitian Noni International distributor #2139194


 Luis Escobar, world class polo player and world famous Dr. John Byrd at the

2005 US Polo Gold Cup in Aiken.

 Luis Escobar and Donna Fitz in Aiken at the Gold Cup trials. Luis has all his polo ponies on Noni Juice and atributes his success to his horses' quicker recovery to play since being on the 'Juice'.


Canine Essentials Original
Your dog needs more than just food. A lifestyle of running, jumping, protecting and providing loyalty requires specific, balanced nutrition that may not be present in dog food alone. Canine Essentials Original is a unique blend of soy lecithin, vitamin E, and DHA for superior support of the nervous system and the immune system. This formula also includes a powerful balance of omega-3 and -6 fatty acids.

Based in Morinda citrifolia, this supplement is in a highly absorbable liquid form easy to add to any dog food. Plus, it's palatable so your dog will happily devour it.

Morinda citrifolia (noni)
 Supports the immune system and superior cellular function
 Improves glucose uptake, oxygen utilization and gaseous exchange in the lungs
 Fights free radicals with antioxidant activity, helps to repair at the cellular level. 
 Promotes proper digestion 
 Aids in nutrient utilization
 Relieves stress 
 May reduce separation anxiety

Soy Lecithin
 Excellent source of phosphatidylcholine 
 Supports memory, increased learning patterns, and mental function
 Supports basic cellular function
 Helps with physical performance during endurance activities

DHA (docosahexaenoic acid) 
 Plays a major role in training ability 
 Aids in improving learning curves 
 Essential for vision

Vitamin E
 Provides potent antioxidant action 
 Improves the immune and cardiovascular systems
 Helps improve coat and skin health



The base of Equine Essentials?,

        Supports immune system with superior antioxidant activity

  • Promotes proper digestion and nutrient absorption
  • Boosts metabolic system, maintains healthy skin and hair
  • Contains adaptogens to relieve stress by reducing cortisol levels.
  • Helps your horse recover quicker and heal faster.


Equine Essentials? Oil Blend is formulated specifically for horses. Using Sunflower Seed Oil and Flaxseed Oil  in balance for Omega-6 and Omega-3. It has Soy Lecithin, and Vitamin E and the superior antioxidant affects are provided by the noni juice.


Equine Essentials is a liquid, highly palatable and an easy addition to your horse's feed.


Equine Essentials Flex Plus with added Glucosamine Sulfate and MSM is now available for performance and senior horses. This also comes in 96 oz. two pack. (More powerful and less expensive than Cosequin.)


 Donna Fitzpatrick 803-648-3137 or email:  Visit #2139194








"Thousands have reported feeling more energetic and ALIVE after trying the original Noni juice."

For optimum health and appearance, strike a healthy balance by eating meals rich in grains, vegetables, and fruit, with small servings of chicken, fish, and lean meat.


Backed by the World's Leading Researchers

People from all walks of life and from around the world... have already discovered the incredible health benefits from taking TAHITIAN NONI� Juice.

Just look, at some of the great things doctors are saying about TAHITIAN NONI� Juice...

"My goal is to improve the health of many through the precious noni plant. There Are so many things that we are finding out about the Morinda Citrifolia plant the applications are going to be limitless."

---Dr. Anne Hirazumi Kim PhD., Pharmacology


"The Morinda Citrifolia that grows in French Polynesia is about 20% higher in nutrients than is noni fruit from any other part of the world. TAHITIAN NONI Juice is the only one I use in my practice and the only one I endorse."

---Scott Gerson, M.D.


"Out of all the food supplements I have studied and written about, TAHITIAN NONI Juice has piqued my interest the most. I plan to continue studying it and writing about it because I believe it can help so many people in so many ways."

---Neil Solomon, M.D., PhD., Physiology

"Tahitian Noni International (Morinda)'s exclusive proprietary processing method uses the entire fruit and assures that all of the healthful properties of Morinda citrifolia are included in their juice. I believe Tahitian Noni International (Morinda)'s TAHITIAN NONI� juice to be the best and most abundant source of Proxeronine available. Tahitian Noni International (Morinda)'s TAHITIAN NONI� Juice is the only Morinda citrifolia juice I recommend and endorse."

                                              --- Dr. Ralph Heinicke

"Noni helps improve the entire spectrum of your health, not just a single problem.  Noni helps your body generate life force... and revives your body's natural ability to heal itself."

---Dr. Sam Kolodney

"I am a complete fan of TAHITIAN NONI� juice.  The benefits it affords are unbelievable and I recommend it to all my patients."

---Ken Stejskal, Homeopathic Practitioner

More Doctors...

Dr. Bruce L. Heckard
"I am a board certified family practitioner with a successful practice combining traditional allopathy with proven natural treatments. In 11 years of practice I've not seen a product as intriguing and broadly applicable as TAHITIAN NONI� juice. This is the first time I have ever endorsed a product."

Dr. Steven Hall, MD. - Family Practitioner - Seattle, WA
"In all of my experience, I've never seen one product so beneficial in so many situations. I recommend TAHITIAN NONI� juice to my patients and anyone interested in helping maintain good physical health--I love it!"

Samuel Kolodney - Chiropractor - New Hope, PA
"Once I recognized the wide variety of beneficial effects TAHITIAN NONI� juice is capable of conferring, I felt compelled to share this product with my patients.

I know that TAHITIAN NONI� juice has helped all of my patients who have tried it and can help anyone who is looking to benefit overall.

I have directly or indirectly changed the lives of over 2000 people by introducing them, or someone they know, to TAHITIAN NONI� juice. My personal results have been nothing short of miraculous. Try it - You'll love it."

Nelson P. Rivers - Pharmacist - Evansville, IN
"Thousands of lives are being touched every day by TAHITIAN NONI� juice. I believe it will continue to help many, many people now and in the future."

Jack Souder - Chiropractor - Angola, IN
"We have used a considerable amount of TAHITIAN NONI� juice with our friends and patients. Many have had very good results--some have had spectacular results. The unique thing about TAHITIAN NONI� juice is that there is no worthy competitor nor comparable product anywhere."

Mian-Ying Wang, M. D. - Research, UIC College of Medicine at Rockford, Dept. Biomedical Sciences
"By my own experiences and my own eyewitness, I can say with a certainty that noni is a miracle fruit."

Gary Tran, D.V.M. - Director, Animal Emergency Center
"TAHITIAN NONI� juice has been very successful with my family, but I am most grateful to Tahitian Noni International (Morinda) for my four-legged patients. TAHITIAN NONI� juice has made my job easier. In my thirty-five years of practice, I have never seen anything like TAHITIAN NONI� juice."

Betty J. Carter, M.D. - Lutz, FL
"This is an exceptional product. I have found that it has helped many of my patients. I would recommend it to anyone."

Wayne Cole, D.O. Osteopathic Physician - Family Practice - Providence, PA
"TAHITIAN NONI� juice just makes me, as well as many of my patients, feel better. I never miss a day taking it."

Tom Stone, ND, CNHP, MH - Kentwood, MI
"In my work as an iridologist and kinesiologist, I have many occasions to recommend TAHITIAN NONI� juice to my clients. I am pleased with the experiences I have had using TAHITIAN NONI� juice with my clients and my family. We have had so many positive results that have reinforced our confidence in the product."

Ken Stejskal - Homeopathic Practitioner - Hutchinson, KS
"I am a complete fan of TAHITIAN NONI� juice. The benefits it affords are unbelievable and I recommend it to all my patients."

Mona Harrison M.D. - Yelm, Wa
"I have noticed that there seems to be a positive response to TAHITIAN NONI� Juice in the body. This is a wonderful discovery for millions of people throughout the world. I believe TAHITIAN NONI� to be the most exciting product of our time."

Donald Mantell, M.D. - Family Practice - Cranberry, PA
"The TAHITIAN NONI� juice products have radically changed my medical practice. I enjoy going to work just to use them with my patients."

Barbara Flot, M.D. - Los Angeles, CA
"Many of my patients feel they have been able to do things they never would have been able to do thanks to TAHITIAN NONI� juice. It really seems to benefit all who take it."

Frederick Pryce, PhD Clinical Biochemistry - New Orleans, ON, CAN
"I have seen TAHITIAN NONI� juice benefit my patients. I also use this product personally, as well as give it to my loved ones."

William E. Doell, M.D.
"Twenty-five years of nutritional medicine experience never prepared me for the wonders of TAHITIAN NONI� juice. This is the most remarkable product I have ever seen."

Dr. Bryant Bloss
"Noni juice has been very effective for the majority of my patients. I offer it as a food supplement, Not as a drug, and most of them choose using it. Noni juice has improved not only my life, but the lives of many of my patients."


"Noni Juice contains compounds that work at the cellular level to actually increase the positive functionality of cells in the body."

30 days 100% Money Back Guarantee

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